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Development & Design for the Driven Business.

Why Choose Brothers?

With so many Web development & design businesses in existence, why spend your precious time and money with us?

Here are a few reasons why:

1. We are Local

We are not outsourced. Our focus is to bolster and help grow the Massachusetts businesses of today and tomorrow. Even though we work with the best methods technology has to offer, we still believe in the human element and work to apply that touch throughout our design/development processes.

If you like your companies sitting down with you over coffee and crafting visions, we’re your guys.

2. We have the Expertise

Full HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, Flash, graphic & browser (including mobile) support. We offer everything you need to get your plane of a business out of the hanger and soaring high - and keep it there. Unlike some brick-and-click companies, Brothers is about the future – improvement and refinement is our mantra, and always evolving our systems and methods allows us to pass the benefits – and savings - on to you.

If you want your company (and your bank account) to stay with the times and evolve and improve as the market does, we’re your guys.

3. We are Dedicated

No fly-by-night. No disappearing acts with your assets in tow. Brothers has invested and committed to stay for the long haul and growing in this tough industry. As long as the world needs the World Wide Web, we’ll be there to make it profitable and appealing to our clients.

If you have any fears of your local “tech guy” leaving you and your investments high and dry and want to move to something as solid as the ground under your feet, we’re your guys.

4. We take Responsibility

Our contracts are fair and to the point. You own your investment, no hidden fees and the hosting is all yours to use as you please. We contact you to approve everything that passes through, and we give you a full three months of free technical service after the fact for any issues that may arise. Unlike low-end providers, we eat our mistakes and never repeat them – EVER – because our clients should expect more from their partners in bringing their business to the next level.

If you are tired of the run-arounds, the company dodging your calls/emails and the issue dancing, we’re your guys.

5. We take Pride in our Work

We love our work. We want to do more of it, and we like details and exhaustive, comprehensive support. Because of our love to build great sites, what we build and design keeps with times and applies the most current, stable techniques and methods around.

Your site will not fail when the latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and many others are released or with any release in the future. Our designs use tried-and-true sensibilities in layout, color, and other factors that will save money in avoiding a redo for years. Our code is both compliant with the latest in standards and accessibility and is fast, easy to transfer to another developer and improves your search engine rankings.

If you want quality craftsmanship, more bang for your buck and working with people who stake their name on every work they publish, we’re your guys.

6. We play nice with others

We understand that we cannot know everything. There will always be another voice in a team that may have an equal - or better - solution than we do. In understanding that fact, we always look forward to working with your IT or development team if need be. We treat our clients with respect, and we extend that that same courtesy to whomever you wish us to work with.

In such arrangements, we will follow team deadlines and communicate with your team as often you require. Ultimately, we look to craft a product and a relationship that is beneficial to all.

If you want a reliable, friendly and team-oriented solution to your needs, we’re your guys.

7. We care to see you happy

We can’t guarantee that our business relationship will make you part of the family, but we think that our service comes pretty close. We return all your calls within 1 business day (often times much sooner) and will make your experience with us as pleasant and positive as possible. We are not content with a passing goodbye; we continuously follow up with our clients to ensure that everything is well-oiled and flying high.

Our goal first and foremost however is to make your business successful, and that goal is weaved throughout our services, consulting and products.

If you want a company that works to make you and your customers happy – no exceptions – we’re your guys.

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