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Spa City Swingers Update

Spa City Swingers
Dance Studio Update

A past satisfied client of Brothers Web Concepts, the Spa City Swingers have enjoyed great success with the previous site built, expanding to the point where a refresh was needed to refine and enhance the look and function of the old.

Brothers reworked and improved the overall look and feel of the site as well as adding a new video section and improved almost every page with new features. On top of this, a new content management system and PHP refinements add a new level of content control.

With Brother Web Concept's help, Spa City Swingers now enjoys a greater opportunity to allow their students to strut their stuff on the dance floor like never before.

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Building a website is like building a house

Building a custom, easily read and understood, search engine friendly (not to mention appealing!) Website is often like building a house. And that begs a few questions:

There are a variety of methods to build one - but are all methods and techniques created equal?

The hired contractor must be committed and established - should it be the one that is here today, gone tomorrow?

The expertise must exist - would you ask your neighbor who works in accounting to do it?

The answer to all those questions should be a solid no.
A valuable piece of your market lives and breathes on what you sell, and - more importantly - how you sell it, and your business image is no different.

Brothers Web Concepts is a web design & development company that thinks outside of convention and always looks to weave the best creations we can muster. With the rapid and agile development mantra behind us, we look to provide detail-oriented and solid designs with cost-effective pricing to get the job done.

Our works prove it.

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